Thursday, February 09, 2006

Advancement in Technology - The Big Gap

We may be familiar with the term "the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer". An example of this is in agriculture, which I learned in my Secondary school Geography. The government try to look for ways to increase the annual yield to earn more income, as such, technology comes into place is helping yield more and better crop. However, technology itself needs to be bought, so only the rich can afford it thus, yieldinf more crop. The poor one the other hand, cannot afford the technology to improve their yields so they cannot sell their crops as they are of a much lower quality than the rich. As a result, they cannot earn money to buy more seeds for new crops and thus, become poorer.

Advancement in Technology - Who's to blame?

Advancement in technology is harmful too in a way as there are abuses in the using of advanced technology, but the ones to blame are actually humans themselves. They are the ones who created this advancement throughout the years. They should be responsible to use the technology for the right things and the right ideals. Basically, some of the harmful effects of advancement in technology is also due to humans.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Conclusion Of Technology

Will there be future for civilization when the price of everything is known but when you know the value of nothing?

Everyone is pursuing for technology. However, do they know what actually they are pursuing? Is it for the pure luxury or is it for greater mankind advancement. In the past, it seems as if human had great handle over technology. However, now in the Information Age, there is a wide and growing perception that we no longer have a handle over technology, but rather we get mishandled by our technology.

Industrial leaders eye new markets. They grab the interest of the consumers by providing them with more intense entertainment. This makes the public that is already over-indulged, over-entertainment to rot even further. When the leaders start to focus more on the market that could earn them revenues, they lose focus on other even greater issues. This is when priorities are confused.

60% of the world lives in abject poverty, yet, we do not see the pressing matter. Why is this so? This is because our priorities in life change. What we desire is intense entertainment and information that may be important to us but might not be that important to the people in poverty.
Also, 50,000 children die of starvation in a day. This, to us, may be alarming. But to industrial companies like MacDonald, KFC and Burger King, this may be nothing to them. This is because their market is not tuned to the 50,000 children.

Furthermore, in my opinion, I found that we actually have over-engineered the trivial and are deaf to the cries of the many. Weapons, mines, tanks are some examples of advancement of technology. Warfare weapon technologies have advanced all over the world killing thousands and millions. Yet, proteins, vaccines and medicine are not distributed globally to save the many lives.

Everyone is hungry for knowledge and learning is a process. Day by day, year by year we learn something new with the information we have. However, with the advancement in technology, information flows in like river gushing in. We drown in information yet we do not understand the true meaning of knowledge. We are blinded in the endless flow of data, yet we do not feel enlightened at all.

On the other hand, technology advancement has actually lessened personal relations and community. Science and technology actually have created avenues for communication and knowledge previously that is considered unattainable. Examples: efficient access to information, medicine and sanitation for the benefit of the society.

The 20th century is one century that has many scientific breakthroughs and ground-breaking researches found. Some examples are the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming and bacteria-eating viruses by Frederick Twort.
Also, this century stops most of the racism issues. This century has made racism a shameful practice and pushed over gender oppression since the practice of meritocracy comes with technological advances. Nothing is based on mere opinions and feelings but capability plays an important role.

The most significant technology technological advances has brought to us is the discovery of new form of energy. All life forms and energy are bounded together forever. Sun is the main source of energy to sustain all life and the amount of energy it releases is zillions, zillions, zillions times so much so that technology now could not be used to measure. Till now, scientists from all over the world are still working on this endless source of energy. Thanks to Einstein’s dedication towards the realm of physics field, energy can be converted to mass by the formula E=mc2. This allows us to know the precise energy value of a given amount of matter. Sun and stars obtained this endless amount of energy through a process known as nuclear fusion. However, nuclear fusion is still a level unreachable to us. Despite so, nuclear fission is made possible with technological advancement. Large amount of energy is produced by colliding a large atom to a nucleus. This splits the atom into 2 and energy is released. Indeed, all our answer towards energy needs can be answered by atomic nucleus. However, problems also loom. One example is the invention of nuclear arsenals which has incalculable results if they are used. But, if we were to be careful with what we are doing with this advancement, then, definitely it aids more than it hurts.

With all this examples and scenarios, it is seen that this century has created many stupendous problems, both pressing and potential. This is made even more pressing by the population explosion. With the rise in world population, more energy is needed to supply the demand. Furthermore, we are also facing the oil diminishing problems and pollutions through the rise of effluence from automobiles and nuclear waste. Also, there is the depletion in rainforest too. Technology advancement has brought about all these issues and there are even more challenges ahead of us to be solved. For example, poverty and malnutrition. Can the advancement in new technologies benefit the social and human or will it pile more problems to the current ones? Will it increase economic opportunities to aid the poverty or will it expand the gap between the rich and poor? Can it find more cures to the deadly disease or will the entire planet be wiped off by diseases and viruses?

All this things are immense yet unpredictable. It may turn out to be good or the other way round. What awaits us in time no one can tell since what we are doing may not take immediate effect. Also, many things are not under the control of mankind. Many possibilities there may be, I still think that science, knowledge and power may change our perspective and creates more wisdom in us, making our Gaia a more rewarding place to live in.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Advancements in technology is good

The advancements in technology is good as it helps people from other place to communicate with one another and also face to face on screen. Even thought they don't get to see one another in person, the people are still able to talk to one another to show care and concern to each other. Technology has indeed helped people to relate to one another. But we also cannot overlook the downside of the technology.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Advancement in technology- the downside

Technology not only affect the traditional ways of religious and culture. It also weaken the interpersonal relationship. Msn messenger, handphone, email and all the communication services have caused more people to meet each other less often in person unlike in older times where communicating face to face was the only way to deliver information.

All these communication services are indeed wonderful and useful. However, it also cause people to be driven apart. SMS is replacing phone call and email replacing snail mail. Although snail mail and phone call are more troublesome, there are more emotional connection and the feelingis different from looking at a lifeless machine. sound, sight and touch can often make a things more interesting. If people being too overdependent on the technology and neglect the importance of interpersonal connection.

Everything have their good impact and bad. Making communicating easiler and more accesible at the same time, people misuse them and driven people away.

Talking about handphones, it brought up to another issue that show the downside of technology. Many people misuse the video and camera function in the mobile phone and commit crimes. There are more and more people using the camera to take photo of women wearing short skirts and post it on the net. some even used it to threaten the person. This not only make spolit the country reputation it also make it a less safe place to live in.

Advancement in technology- bad impacts

Technology really helped people in many ways. However, technology has caused reglious to lose their importance and a lot of traditional beliefs are being forgotten by people.

Chinese for instance, have a lot of superstitious beliefs and restrictions. Some of these have been proven nonsensical and not true, for example, in the older days, when a person have mump, they wrote and 'tiger' on their cheek and believe that they will cure it. Also that during the first day of lunar new year, people are not allowed to wash their hair because it was believed that the person will have a headache through out the whole year. New generation of people ignore it and soon all the beliefs that are forgotten and not passed down. i feel that although science had proven it to be a myth. It is part of the tradition and ways to know what our ancestors think during their time and we should at least be aware of it and not forget it although science has proven it wrong.

Due to technology, human now tend to believe more in scientific evidence and forget the tradition of their religious or race.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Advancement in Technology- harmful but yet beneficial

With reference to chian hwee's post i agreed advancement of technology really have some bad impacts on the new generation. People that born after the war and lived in the cosy and safe environment since they are born will never know how their ancestors gone through the hard work where no air conditioner and no machinery that able to help in building the road and bridges. All they used were their own bare hands. However, through all this hardship, people in the older time has a better immune system compared to people that born in the city due to a higher activity rate.

Also that advancement in technology also make people more and more lazy. For example, some people now over dependent on vehicles. Even if their destinantion is juz few metres away, they refused to walk. They drove their cars. This not only waste petrol, it also cause pollution.
Eventually, pollution will lead to global warming and human is the one than cause their own suffering and death.

However, as what i said, technology is still necessary because it can solve the problems that already existed. Like scientists are finding ways to reduce global warming and solve the problem. This result in the CFC- free products. Hence, technology has its harm and good. it is two- sided.

Advancements in technology

I feel that no matter how you try to control people from abusing things, their rebellious nature always manage to commit these offences. What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't blame one another if such things occur, instead we should reflect on what we have done. Since things only go bad if you make them go wrong, the advancement in technology would only be benenficial to those who can control themselves and is harmful to those who can't.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Advancement in Technology_ beneficial or harmful?

Actually, technology itself is not harmful but beneficial but if we look at the topic,it refers to the advancement in technology.
Advancement in technology can be both beneficial and harmful. It depends on who, where, when and how they use the technology. A lot of things were created for certain purposes which are beneficial to the mankind but they have been abused by the not-so-good people, which actually harmed humans. As I have mentioned previously, if only some of us had been more responsible and civic-minded, the advancement in technology would have given us only benefits.
So, let's keep this in mind and act responsibly so as to create a better world for us and for our fellow human beings.

Advancement in Technology_ beneficial or harmful?

In fact, this e-learning week itself is an advancement of technology. Isn't it?
This advancement has allowed us to study without coming to school.
Through email and other telecommunication devices , Iam able to communicate with friends and relatives who are thousands of miles away from me.If there is no technology, our world will come to a stand still.
We have come this far ..and there's no turning back.

Advancement in Technology_ beneficial or harmful?

I feel that the techology itself is not harmful. It is because of humans that it becomes harmful as I've said previously.
Technology is actually wonderful.
As I've read from somewhere, it allows us to do things we like. Who would like to wash their clothes for hours when then can spend that time playing their favourite sport or reading their favourite book.
It saves our time, energy and whatever..

Technological Advancement leads to bad things

People commit terrorist acts not because they want, but is because they know how to do it since the technology around allows them to do so. But I'm not saying that technology is bad by itself, it is bad because of the people who abuse this knowledge that is given to them. If people are able to realise this problem, a lot of things would not have happened such as the bombing in London and other terrorist acts

Advancement in Technology_ beneficial or harmful?

As some of you have said, the advancement in technology shows how powerful a human brain is. It is something that we have to be proud of. Our life has become simpler and yet at the same time, 'complicated'.
Long ago, people did not have planes and they had to walk long distances to travel from one place to another but they led a peaceful life. They did not have to worry about when a plane would crash into a building...or something like that...if you get what I mean.
Also, in the past, though the people suffered from various diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, they did not send anthrax to people by post.
So,can you see with whom the fault lies??

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Advancement in Technology - Harmful

I saw this in the news recently (I apologize for not being able to find the link for the article). This is about a new virus attack on mobile phones, especially the smart phones with WAP, 3G or Bluetooth technology.

My point here is that even though man is able to invent and innovate to more advance technology, by making smart phones, it in turn becomes a disadvantage because they are more prone to virus attacks. Simpler and older phones, though with lesser functions are out of the risk of being caught by the virus.

People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on these smart devices but they are in great risk, thus causing the loss of data and information required for business and so on.

Another point taken is that these advancement in technology seem to become like a fashion trend. As new phone models are released by the weeks and months, people are always constantly changing their phone models, though only having them for a few months. Especially for teens, this is a big waste of money and can prove financially difficult for their parents.

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Technological Advancements is Bad

Now, most of the things we do still depends on us humans instead of the machines, but how can you assure that this continues for the next 100 or 1000 years. I feel that the inventions of machines to aid in our daily life has made us complacent and dependent on them for our survival. I dearly hope that we can make ourselves less dependent on the machines or we might be "controlled" by the machines the next time.

Technology Advancement is Harmful (2)

However, there is also a mirror image towards the daily household technology advancement; television, air-condition and computer, etc. All this advancement in technology indicates nothing but one thing, our standards of living has increase. When one’s standards of living increase, he will not expect anything less but yet, more. This gives us, human, a spur in whatever we do, for the purpose of a better lifestyle. Driving force is crucial indeed. However, usually in times, we never stop and look at the amount of damage caused.

One example is computer and internet access. In the past, people only get to see explicit things on magazines. Thus, teenagers will not be exposed to these things that often and easily. However, internet access opens a new route for the teenagers. The frequency of exposure increases and their immature brain is influenced more greatly. With more teenagers learning the wrong things without proper guidance, our society will definitely degrade with more social problems rising. This shows how technology advancement brings about the corrupted world we are living in.

Second example will be air-conditioning. In the past, most of our ancestral worked hard under the hot sun. They took up hardship, building our nation with their blood and sweat. Yet, nowadays, people live off air-condition. When the weather becomes hot and there is no air-condition, people complains. This shows how technology has brought up those pampered children along the route of advancement.